Meet The Maker


WHO am i?  

Each of my small-batch ceramic pieces are lovingly made by me, Taiyaba Ahmed, in Austin, Texas. I was born and raised in Karachi - Pakistan, but now call Austin home. With an artistic soul that has always been drawn to anything that falls under the banner of design, I am the creative force behind Love & Clay.


The very first time I worked with clay was during my first year at Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture. I loved working with clay as a medium but at that time I had no idea that many years later, I would sign up for a pottery class and rediscover my love for clay. For me, 2017 was a year of digging in, soul searching and investing in my personal growth. I moved to Austin to start a new life and was desperately looking for a new creative outlet when I came across pottery and it instantly clicked for me. Now I spend most of my time at the pottery studio pouring my heart and soul into my creations.

Working with clay is therapeutic for me. It is my personal meditation – a time to get lost yet be fully present, to make the mind and body work together. Clay has taught me a lot about life. About slowing down time and paying attention to the smallest of changes. I feel grounded and often humbled by clay when my hands are on swirling clay and feet on the ground.  It has taught me to be gentle and patient. It is oddly satisfying for me to see how the lump of clay takes shape with slight pull or push or sometimes by just holding the clay while it swirls on the wheel.


My design aesthetic is most influenced by colors, patterns, shapes and textures. My style is clean and fresh. I like to play with patterns and negative spaces, finding balance between contour and design, carvings and textures. When I am not working on a series, I like to create different variations of the same design, making each piece unique on its own and harmonious in a group.


I recently completed my 200hr yoga training and plan to teach yoga when I am not at the pottery studio.